Tony Moly

Tony Moly is a fast-growing korean cosmetic brand which is 100% cruelty free! Their main asset is their super cute packaging, so that’s what is visually driving these designs.

Tony Moly

Being very proud of their packaging and it also being a strong asset to sales, we decided that Tony Moly’s emails should be heavily photo-focused.

To reflect this playful kawaï aesthetic that Tony Moly is also known for, the use of pastel colours and rounded edges were a MUST in the designs.

Keeping the emails on brand was the most important focus, as it's what has made them a huge hit with young women in Korea and around the world.The result is a series of fun, colourful and engaging email designs and copy that perfectly reflect Tony Moly’s unique brand identity!

When potential clients open your emails, it’s important for them to stay interested in the email but also to give them that nudge to purchase : the way we approached those two aspects in Tony Moly’s designs are: using pastel colours throughout, and showing images of the products before and after the CTA.

This allows us to follow the clients journey through the email : peaked interest with the initial image and colours, the thought process of whether to purchase or not, followed by that last nudge with other images to peak further interest in the product - leading to sales.