SS.Lam is a small, eco-conscious business based in London that specialises in reworking authentic nike products such as socks and bucket hats. All of their products are hand-dyed and packaged in a sustainable manner.


SS.Lam gained popularity through their modern approach to business, and the stunning neutral pieces they offer. That’s what we put forward in our designs.The modernity comes through with the asymmetric design and heavy lines to guide the eyes through the email.

We showcased SS.Lam’s work with photos placed throughout the design, also in an asymmetric manner. The overlapping lines and copy help tie everything in nicely and effectively, keeping in mind the client's journey through the email.SS.Lam is also know for it’s soft aesthetic, which we brought through with our soft colour palette, and minimal use of capital letters.

These intriguing designs that gently guides the client through the email, paired with soft colours and visually pleasing photos make for a high CR to the SS.Lam website. Having clear CTA’s as well as friendly and approachable copy also gives a sense of calm and trust to the client, increasing the chances of purchase.

SS.Lam already has a clear brand identity, and the goal was to compliment that as much as possible to make such an identity into a marketing asset for sales and to build a community of advocates worldwide.