Poppi is a business that produces soda, but not just any soda - healthy soda. Their sodas are prebiotic, have low sugar, low carbs and infused with natural ingredients.


For one of our sale campaigns, we decided to take full advantage of that strong brand identity. We included colour, photos, and the curves that Poppi are well known for, as well as tailored copy.

We made sure the design was fun and intriguing, as well as informative and easy to navigate.  If they’re on the edge about the deal, then maybe some extra information will help them cross that bridge and decided to purchase. Having the beautiful Poppi packing on show throughout is also a great motivating factor. All-in-all, a great way to increase the CR!

For our 2 other campaigns you see here, we decided to tone down the colourfulness in the email background and let the photos of the Poppi drinks do the work!

We still kept including the curves for those soft transitions. We also kept in mind the customer journey, and designed + wrote copy accordingly. The main goal for Poppi’s copywriting was to create a high CR through engaging copy : asking questions, being relatable, and sounding like a friend. This makes clients feel more comfortable and trusting of your brand, which will always lead to sales and recurring customers.