Byredo is a luxury brand, founded in Stockholm, that creates and develops a range of products from fragrances and makeup to home goods and accessories.


Byredo is known for it’s luxury feel, simplistic yet high-end packaging, and timeless products. We focused on those main recognisable points to create classic yet captivating designs, all in a minimalistic approach to stay on brand.

To showcase the packaging, we went for more photo-heavy designs. These photographs are also of very high quality which straight away gives that luxury feel we were looking for.

To emphasise the luxury aspect further, we used warm and neutral tones for the main colours, as for the darker accents - we always made sure to keep them soft to the eye. To stay true to the brand, we made sure that the designs were also to the point and simplistic : short sentences, use of contrast and clear CTA buttons.

This makes it so the customer journey isn’t as long as it could be. The potential customer has less chance of getting overwhelmed with information, and with teasing continuation in the copy of the emails, they have a higher chance of making their way to the website and becoming a recurring customer.

The simple designs also make it more accessible. We’re all very busy people, so short emails can be a huge asset - the quicker the information is read by the client, the higher the chance of conversion is.